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Mouse Colon

Life Sciences

Life Sciences spans cell biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, genomics, biomedical engineering, microbiology, physiology and many other disciplines.

Light microscopy techniques are central to research in all life sciences areas. Fluorescence microscopy, with it’s capacity for color-encoded detection of molecular and cellular targets and imaging of living cells and organisms, is the most important of these techniques. Microscope mercury arc and metal halide light sources, while ubiquitous for many years, are encumbered by erratic performance and continual consumption of replacement bulbs. Today they are largely replaced by solid-state Light Engines. At the same time, Lumencor’s solid-state technologies have provided groundbreaking improvements in the quality of simple LED illumination available to both researchers and instrument manufacturers. This has enabled expansion in the capabilities of fluorescence microscopy in terms of sample throughput and spatial resolution, and driven the development of many new applications.