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Internal Filters for Color-Selective Light Engines

Lumencor’s AURA, RETRA, SPECTRA and SPECTRA X Light Engines incorporate bandpass filters associated with each light output channel. These filters provide the capacity to refine, adjust, and tune the light source outputs to meet experimental requirements. For AURA, RETRA and SPECTRA Light Engines, the filters are installed internally and are not user accessible. After-sales changes in the installed filter configuration will require a return for factory service. For SPECTRA X Light Engines, filters are user-exchangeable. The filters are installed in removable paddles, allowing users complete flexibility in terms of purchasing and using filters in addition to the initially installed set. One filter is applied to each of 6 solid state-light sources. The unfiltered spectral outputs of the six SPECTRA X sources are U=365–400 nm, B=425–450 nm, C=460–510 nm, G=520–600 nm, R=630–680 nm, N=710–750 nm. In the table below, bandpass specifications for Lumencor standard filters are listed, together with download links to transmission spectral data for each filter. Typical filtered output power values for SPECTRA X Light engines, measured at the distal end of a 3 mm diameter liquid light guide, are also listed. Optical power varies with light source technology, light guide, and Light Engine model.