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Mouse Hippocampus. Magenta shows you neural nuclei (DAPI); yellow is the smFISH signal for GAD-2, which is expressed in inhibitory interneurons.

Clinical Sciences

Lumencor's cutting-edge solid state illumination products support versatile applications throughout clinical research, diagnostics and treatment.

Beyond their vital role in microscopy techniques like fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and histopathology, these products also shine brightly in the realm of macroscopic imaging techniques employed for endoscopy and surgical guidance, including the use of near-infrared imaging for multiplexing in fluorescence guided imaging and treatment.

The landscape of gene expression analysis is undergoing a transformative evolution, shifting from a research technique to a platform technology. It now encompasses a wide spectrum of applications, from essential diagnostic testing and precise drug screening to advanced treatments such as photodynamic therapy and minimally invasive robotic surgery. In all these diverse domains, achieving optimized illumination for fluorescence detection necessitates meticulous attention to the spatial, spectral, and temporal characteristics of light. Moreover, when it comes to diagnostic testing and treatment, stringent regulatory requirements introduce an additional layer of complexity.

Lumencor stands ready to meet these illumination challenges with unmatched creativity, experience and engineering expertise. Our solid-state illumination products are designed to excel in the demanding clinical and diagnostic environment, ensuring that the path to precision and excellence is brilliantly lit.