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Lumencor's VOLTA Scanner, front view
Lumencor's VOLTA Scanner, back view
Lumencor's VOLTA Scanner, plug detail

VOLTA Scanner

At the cellular level, biology happens fast. Detection and functional analysis of transient cellular processes requires instrumentation with temporal resolution on the same timescale as the transient activity itself. Lumencor’s VOLTA Scanner simultaneously monitors cellular function with sub-millisecond temporal resolution in 96 and 384 microwell plates. VOLTA’s dual-laser optical system performs two main functions: stimulation and detection. Kinetic assays of cellular activity generally use cells in which the receptor or ion-channel responsible for mediating the activity of interest are transgenically expressed. In a typical VOLTA application for pharmacological safety profiling, drug-induced QT prolongation, a side-effect that can result in potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmias, is detected. Changes in transmembrane voltage are detected by continuous monitoring of voltage sensitive dye (VSD) fluorescence with 0.1 msec resolution. The functional effects of drug-binding to the target ion-channel are manifested as changes in fluorescence-detected transmembrane voltage patterns in the presence of various drug concentrations in each well. Familiar pharmacokinetics are readily characterized in a manner analogous to electrophysiological patch-clamp studies, yet with all the stability, robustness, reproducibility and efficiency fluorescence analysis affords.

"Lumencor has been responsive whenever I've had issues, and their systems are dependable workhorses."

Eric Griffis, Director at the Nikon Imaging Center at University of California San Diego

Don't settle for less. Elevate your ion-channel research with the Lumencor VOLTA Scanner. Discover a new era of efficiency and precision in drug discovery.