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It All Begins With Illumination

Be sure to mark your calendar as busy on November 12-16: they’re the official dates for Neuroscience 2016.

Light microscopy and optogenetics start with the light source. Make sure you start with the source at Neuroscience 2016, and head to booth #818 to see the best-in-show solid state illuminators. These lighting products are today’s industry leaders in terms of brightness, speed and both short and long term stability.

Here’s a preview of some of the products we’ll have at the show:
lum-1-3-auraAURA LIGHT ENGINE®

  • 360 nm/390 nm fast excitation switching for ratiometric Ca2+ imaging
  • >100 mW fiber output at 475 nm and 560 nm for ChR2 and NpHR photostimulation
  • Liquid light guide or optical fiber output coupling



  • Integrated array of six powerful solid-state light sources
  • Spectral output refined by user-exchangeable filters
  • Near IR (710–750 nm) output option for intravital imaging
  • Individual source selection and intensity control from image acquisition software or control pod accessory



  • RGB color transmitted light imaging with monochrome cameras
  • 1 kHz RGB channel switching or continuous white light for ocular viewing
  • Direct mount to transmitted light port of major brand microscopes


To see the best solid state light sources, visit Lumencor at booth #818 and speak with our talented technical support and sales staff.

See you in San Diego!



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