CELESTA light engine®

Solid-State Laser Array for Advanced Imaging Applications

The CELESTA light engine delivers approximately 1 watt of output power from each of its 7 individually addressable solid-state laser light sources (7 watts total). The laser outputs are allied to sophisticated control and monitoring systems to deliver the performance needed for spinning disk confocal microscopy, optogenetics and other advanced imaging applications.

The control system of the CELESTA features an onboard computer with an embedded command library. These commands give access not only to the basic control functions of light source selection, on/off switching and output intensity adjustment, but also to an extensive panel of operating status reports and preference settings. A GUI resident on the onboard computer and viewed using a web browser via a LAN connection, provides convenient access to many of the command library functions. TTL trigger inputs are provided for all 7 output lines for applications requiring fast (10 microseconds) switching. Long-term output stability is sustained by active stabilization. An onboard photodiode continuously monitors the light output and generates a reference signal that is applied to the constituent sources in a feedback loop to maintain constant light output over time.

Z-sections of a late blastula stage of the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata stained for microtubules (red), actin filaments (green), and DNA (blue) imaged with 60X Oil objective NA 1.4 using a CELESTA light engine and CrEST X-Light spinning disk confocal imager on a Nikon Ti2. Image courtesy of the 2019 Physiology course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.


CELESTA Light Engine Features



7 individually addressable solid-state laser sources with discrete UV, vis and nIR outputs



Output Power

1 watt per source channel

(at output of 1.5mm diameter optical fiber)


Control Interface


Onboard computer with server/client architecture and embedded command library and GUI

Control Interfaces

Control Interfaces

Serial: Source selection, light output on/off and output intensity

TTL: Source selection and light output on/off


Light Delivery

SMA-terminated optical fiber



Maximum 10 kHz channel switching


Power Requirements

Power Requirements

220 W (24V DC/9.2A) power supply included

Weight Dimensions


8.7 kg


14.5 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm (W x L x H)



18 month warranty to end user



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