New Electronic Control Feature Specifications

One of the main benefits of Lumencor’s solid state illumination technology is its capacity for precise electronic control of light output intensity, color and timing. Take a look at our Performance page to view the NEW one-page summary of electronic control features for our entire light engine portfolio, as well as other Performance specifications, such as Lifetime and Power Stability, Quantitation and more.


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Download a PDF of Light Reading April 2016

Photonics West 2016

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It was a pleasure to visit with friends, old and new, at our Monday evening reception during Photonics West 2016. Thank you to everyone that visited our exhibit booth — we hope you found the product display illuminating – what else!

For those not able to attend Photonics West, our Director of Technical Support Iain Johnson, recorded a video presentation demonstrating some of the features of our SPECTRA X light engine® and SOLA SE light engine®. Check out the video on our website and on our YouTube channel.

Download a PDF of Light Reading April 2016

Light Engine Control Pod Instruction Sheet

The set-up and operating instructions for our Light Engine Control Pod are now available online!


The new Light Engine Control Pod, previewed in October 2015’s Light Reading, is now shipping to customers. Although set-up and operation of the pod is intuitive and will soon become second nature, a detailed instruction sheet is now posted on our website for first-time users and prospective customers.

Learn more about our Light Engine Control Pod and other accessories available for Lumencor light engines® here.

Download a PDF of Light Reading April 2016

New Control Pod

SOLA SE light engine control pod

SOLA SE light engine control pod

Lumencor’snew light engine Control Pod (83-10007) is a fingertip control console for all Lumencor light engines® equipped with USB or RS-232 serial ports, including:

The pod requires minimal set-up and is both robust and easy-to-use. Light source selection, on/off and output intensity is controlled by two push buttons and a rotary dial in combination with menus and status displays on a built-in screen. A second USB port on the pod allows pass-through control of the light engine from computer workstations.

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Lumencor Completes Major Factory Upgrade


Production lines in Lumencor’s new factory expansion. As you would expect, the facility features energy efficient solid state ambient lighting throughout.

The new year also saw the completion of a major upgrade and expansion of Lumencor’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. All Lumencor’s manufacturing, service, design engineering, sales, marketing and business operations are housed in the new 30,000 square-foot facility. The building footprint has doubled to accommodate current operations and future growth.

Marking the completion of the new facility, Claudia Jaffe, Ph.D., Lumencor’s Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Business Development commented, “It’s a fresh face forward for the new year. We need to communicate our professionalism and quality to a global customer base. This updated, modernized facility does just that and welcomes our next phase of growth.”

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