LightREADING August 2021

New Faces: Welcome to Adrian and Valerie

Lumencor is very pleased to welcome and introduce to you some fresh faces. Adrian Woodland (pictured right) is our new Marketing Assistant. Adrian is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, BS in Business with emphasis in Marketing. She works with Marketing Director Ellen Ferguson on all MarCom collateral including Light Reading newsletter for our resellers, advertisements, social media as well as exciting new website updates. For Valerie Owusu-Hienno (pictured left), it’s a welcome back. Following a successful internship in 2020, Valerie is joining us again as a Summer Marketing Intern before heading into her Senior year at the International School of Beaverton. Among other things, Valerie will be conducting surveys and gathering testimonial content to update our website. You may be hearing from her in the near future!

Revised Reseller Price Lists Effective July 1, 2021

Revised pricing for all Lumencor products went into effect on July 1, 2021. Price lists showing the revised pricing were sent to all resellers during May and June. They are identified by “Effective Date July 1, 2021” on the cover page and all page headers. Please notify us by e-mail to if you did not receive your July 1, 2021 price list.

SOLA Light Engine® Start Up Sequence

Our new SOLA, SOLA FISH, SOLA U-nIR and SOLA V-nIR Light Engines are designed to be functionally similar to their SOLA SE and SOLA SM predecessors. However, there are a couple of differences to watch out for.
1. After the Light Engine is powered on, wait 30 seconds before turning on light output (Figure 1). All SOLA models now provide the option of manual operation using the “light” button in the front top right corner, or electronic control via the USB port. Note that for electronic ON/OFF control, the manual light button must be in the OFF position.
2. On the SOLA SE and SOLA SM, the Light Engine will not power on if the liquid light guide is not inserted in the light output port. The new SOLA, SOLA FISH, SOLA U-nIR and SOLA V-nIR, models will power on without the liquid light guide in place, but light output (manually or electronically controlled) is disabled until the light guide is fully inserted. When the liquid light guide is fully inserted, about 3 mm of its stainless steel collar remains exposed outside the body of the light engine (Figure 1). Note also that the liquid light guide is now included with all SOLA, SOLA FISH, SOLA U-nIR and SOLA V-nIR orders and no longer has to be ordered as a separate accessory.

Figure 1: Start-up sequence for SOLA, SOLA FISH, SOLA U-nIR and
SOLA v-nIR light engines

Safety Interlock Checklist

If a CELESTA, ZIVA, SPECTRA, AURA and RETRA Light Engine fails to produce light output in response to an ON command, users are advised to check that all of the four safety interlocks are closed. The four safety interlocks (Figure 2) are: 1. Control key must be in ON position. 2. SMA-terminated optical fi ber must be attached to the output port. The distal end of the fiber must be connected to the microscope or otherwise directed into a closed optical path before turning on light output. 3. External gate jumper must be inserted. 4. Remote interlock
jumper must be inserted.

Open safety interlocks are indicated by ILK = RED in the onboard control GUI (Figure 3).

The control key, external gate jumper and remote interlock jumper required to close the 3 of the 4 interlocks are supplied in a bag placed in the accessories tray of the shipping box, and must be inserted as shown below during installation. Sets of replacement interlock connectors (part number 83-10012) may be ordered if the original ones are mislaid.

Figure 2: CELESTA Light Engine safety interlocks.

Figure 3: Red ILK indicator on the bottom right of the onboard control GUI display, indicating an open interlock condition.

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