Lumencor Centric

Supporting our global scientific community with lighting and fluorescence screening instrumentation designed for speed, longevity and reproducibility.

In this unprecedented time, Lumencor understands our end-user and OEM customers need high-quality data, fast. We’re working every day to supply:


Are you developing

  • Vaccines
  • Proteins including monoclonal antibodies
  • Drugs
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Genomic analyses and/or
  • Pathogen detection systems?

Lumencor is advancing global efforts in research and development with solid-state lighting specifically tailored for the instrumentation employed by those engaged in our fight against COVID-19. We understand the critical role our products serve in this fight. Lumencor remains committed to supplying our partners and customers as safely, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible. We’re here to help!

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