Light BYTES: January 2018

Built to Last

AURA light engine®, Serial Number 1106, has the distinction of being the first production model 4-color light engine manufactured by Lumencor. In February 2009, it was shipped to the laboratory of Michael W. Davidson at Florida State University, where it provided eight years of maintenance-free service. Michael Davidson, renowned for his Molecular Expressions website and his contributions to the development of fluorescent protein labeling and super-resolution microscopy among other things, passed away in 2015.

With the generous collaboration of Eric Clark (Florida State University), AURA 1106 is now back where it began, at our Beaverton factory. We took the opportunity to measure the power output of AURA 1106 for comparison with the original benchmarks measured in 2009. The results show that nearly nine years after it was manufactured, the performance of AURA 1106 is essentially as good as new.


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