AURA light engine®

Ideal OEM Illumination Platform for Biophotonics

Lumencor’s AURA light engine is a high performance, state-of-the-art, bright set of solid state light sources.  It can be tailored to provide for the spectral, spatial and temporal needs of the bioanalysis tool it is designed to support. Key features of the AURA light engine include:

  • Up to 5 independently controlled (on/off and intensity) light sources
  • A selection of outputs ranging from ultraviolet to near-infrared
  • High performance bandpass filters or unfiltered white light
  • Fast (~10 μs) switching between color channels
  • 100–700 mW optical output power per channel (dependent on filtering)
  • Light guide or optical fiber coupling for vibrational isolation
  • Vertically or horizontally oriented installation options
  • TTL and serial control interfaces

Click Here for more information on the AURA light engine.

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