Liquid Light Guides: Keeping Cool

Maximizing conversion of electrical current into light output, and efficiently dissipating any residual heat, are design hallmarks of Lumencor’s solid state illumination technology. This has significant consequences for the liquid light guides used to couple light output into microscopes and other bioanalytical instruments. Repeated heating and cooling of liquid light guides can eventually lead to deterioration and lower light throughput.

Thermal image of liquid light guide tips immediately after removal from white light source output ports following running for 30 minutes at 100% output. The temperature markings indicated by the red and blue crosses show the highest and lowest temperature locations in the image field.

Thermal imaging effectively demonstrates that a liquid light guide connected to a SOLA SE 365 light engine® undergoes minimal heating under normal operating conditions compared to a light guide coupled to an incandescent metal halide light source. So, not only does the SOLA light engine last longer, its liquid light guide does, too. Like other high-performance optical components, liquid light guides require careful handling. For extra protection against accidental damage, we have recently added a 3 mm-diameter liquid light guide with a stainless steel outer jacket (10-10589) to our range of light engine accessories.

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