Nikon OEM-Specific PEKA Light Engine


On/Off and intensity controls on Nikon Ti microscope base

The PEKA light engine®, first introduced in 2014, provides a powerful alternative to conventional tungsten-halogen sources for transmitted light microscopy. Unlike tungsten-halogen lamps, the color temperature of the PEKA light engine’s white light output does not change when the intensity is turned up or down. Consequently, the PEKA light engine is able to deliver consistent color rendition while dispensing with the need to use neutral density filters for light attenuation. Furthermore, unlike phosphorcoated LED sources, the PEKA light engine does not generate background emission in the epifluorescence light path. The newest addition to the PEKA light engine product line (90-10184) is configured for fully integrated operation on Nikon Ti microscopes. Light on/off and intensity adjustments are directly controlled by the push button and rotary dial located next to the focus knob on the Nikon Ti base.

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