Portland Business Journal Honoree

Product Innovation of the Year Award

Each year the Portland Business Journal honors the region’s top manufacturing companies who drive our economy with innovation, excellence and productivity. The awarded companies will be included on three panel discussion roundtables hosted by the PBJ and moderated by major sponsors of the program. Roundtable videos will be recorded and posted in a dedicated content hub on portlandbusinessjournal.com. This year, Lumencor won PBJ’s Product Innovation of the Year Award for our SOLA light engine® available September, 2020.

Claudia B. Jaffe, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

At Lumencor, she is an inventor in nearly all the company’s patents and the leader of the new business development. As well, she supervises sales and marketing, generating key new business relationships in developing markets for Lumencor’s novel lighting products in the life science arena.

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Lumencor Product Innovation Award 2020, here.


Founded: 2006
Location: Beaverton, OR
Purpose: Lumencor designs and manufacture solid-state illuminators for end users, core labs and industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Lumencor’s SOLA light engine products are designed to replace mercury lamps, the light source traditionally used in research labs around the world. Mercury lamps have been used because of their spectral output and brightness; however, they are notoriously hazardous. Mercury lamps are short lived, provide limited colors and brightness, and they are dangerous.


The SOLA light engine, overcomes the many problems of mercury containing bulbs:

  • It’s constructed of multiple sources, each color-specific, that add up to a brighter, more reproducible, long-lived, mercury-free lamp replacement.
  • SOLA implements a proprietary green light pipe which overcomes the shortcoming of LEDs in the green region of the spectrum.
    • Lumencor’s light pipe is acknowledged industrywide as the brightest.
  • The third generation SOLA has an anticipated >15 year life time with no replacement parts, no mercury, and no maintenance.
    • The SOLA’s has an electronic control and low duty cycle (most of the time it’s OFF and only ON when imaging or measuring)
    • Because it’s only ON when needed, the accessories used with the SOLA – filters, fibers, light guides – last longer and need no replacement.

Product Performance


Mercury Arch Lamp

Traditionally, the biotech industry and academia have used mercury arc lamps combined with a microscope to conduct research.

  • Mercury arc lamps: are hazardous, consume a lot of energy, have a high cost of ownership and are unreliable.
  • Metal halide bulbs: have become widely employed, but they too contain mercury and the cost of a metal halide bulb is typically about five times that of a mercury bulb of equivalent radiant power.
  • Ozone-free Xenon sources: have no mercury, reducing the amount of hazardous waste, but they perform at lower intensity.


SOLA light engine

  • Lumencor’s novel optical excitation subsystems are designed for use in fluorescence microscopes, cellular analysis systems, endoscopes, robotic surgical tools and more.
  • Our lighting products provide more power than an arc lamp with the durability, stability and switching speed of a solid-state light source.
  • Our brand is now synonymous with best-in-show performance such that industry leaders across the scope of biotech applications come to us to assist in the design of next-generation tools.
14940 NW Greenbrier Parkway | Beaverton, OR 97006 USA | 503.213.4269 | info@lumencor.com