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Introducing a Game-Changing New ZIVA Light Engine

Yokogawa CSU is the leading confocal scanner in the life science industry. Known for providing wider FOV than conventional scanners, clear image resolution, and robust automation, it sets the bar for best-in-class spinning disk performance. Yet traditional laser support of CSU products is expensive, short-lived and spectrally limited. Lumencor solves the CSU lighting challenge with a compact, bright 7-laser Light Engine.

Lumencor’s ZIVA Light Engine for Yokogawa CSU delivers a broad spectrum, uniform, stable, bright family of lasers without the frightening cost and frustrating upkeep of traditional laser products. Would your CSU benefit from uncompromised illumination? Would your investment be well-served with best-in-class, turnkey illumination? Look to Lumencor to solve today’s most challenging lighting problems.

Cyanobacteria played a crucial role in the evolution of life on earth some 2.5-3.5 billion years ago generating most of the oxygen we breath today. Monitoring cyanobacteria is important because blue-green algae pose a serious threat to water quality, ecosystem stability, surface drinking water supplies, and public health through toxin production in the large biomass algal blooms. In-plane motility of these thick cells can be imaged in high resolution with Lumencor’s ZIVA Light Engine for Yokogawa CSU. This spinning disk confocal accessory efficiently rejects out-of-focus light revealing the fine details of cyanobacterial spinning, bending, and knotting. See for yourself in Lumencor’s detailed video above.