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Recommended Operation of CELESTA, SPECTRA & ZIVA Light Engines

To support the long-term stability of the solid-state laser light sources in CELESTA, SPECTRA and ZIVA Light Engines it is recommended that they should be operated only in environments where the dew point is below 15ºC. For reference, at a typical room temperature of 24ºC, a dew point of 15ºC corresponds to 57% humidity. The current dew point inside the light engine, calculated from onboard temperature and humidity sensors, is displayed on the settings page of the onboard control GUI.

Standby Mode, previously described in the October 2019 issue of Light Reading, is another control system designed to support the long-term stability of the laser light sources. Consequently, users writing their own Light Engine control software are strongly advised to NOT programmatically disable standby mode.

If operational situations arise where it is necessary to avoid the onset of standby mode during a data acquisition process, please contact We will be happy to work with you and our software engineering team to devise appropriate solutions.