AURA light engine®

Flexible light source configuration with performance that shines

Ideal OEM Illumination Platform for Biophotonics

The AURA light engine is an ideal platform for manufacturers seeking to integrate modern solid-state illumination into new bioanalytical instruments. The AURA incorporates up to 5 independently controlled light source channels. Light sources may include LEDs, luminescent light pipes and lasers, depending on output wavelength and power requirements. The outputs of the constituent light sources are refined by bandpass filters and merged into a common optical train directed to the light output port on the front panel.

Source configuration flexibility allows the spectral output of the light engine to be customized according to application-specific requirements. The AURA features an advanced control system built around an onboard microprocessor which provides advanced control and monitoring functions in addition to basic control functions of light source selection, on/off switching, and output intensity adjustment.

Image Courtesy of Dr. Iain Johnson, Lumencor Inc.

AURA Light Engine Features



Up to 5 independently controlled (on/off and intensity) solid-state light sources



Source output spectra refined using integrated bandpass filters.


Control Interface

Serial: Control of source on/off and output intensity

TTL: Independent on/off for each color channel



Maximum 10 kHz channel switching



100-700 mW per source color channel (dependent on filtering)


Light Delivery

Liquid light guide (LLG) or optical fiber



24 month warranty to end user





125 mm x 260 mm x 160 mm (W x L x H)


Power Requirements

220 W, 24 V, 9.2 A DC power supply included with light engine


Maintenance Free

No replacement parts, fully pre-aligned, no routine maintenance



Low power consumption, mercury-free

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