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SOLA light engine®

Lumencor offers a bright, solid state white light source as an alternative to traditional mercury-containing arc lamps: the SOLA light engine. SOLAs come with manual (SM) or electronic (SE) operation options. Give your microscope a SOLA upgrade today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

LIDA light engine®

LIDA light engine is designed to work hand-in-hand with the latest monochrome cameras to generate RGB color transmitted light images with unprecedented sensitivity, spatial resolution, speed and color fidelity.

PEKA light engine®

CELESTA light engine®

The CELESTA light engine delivers approximately 1 watt of output power from each of its 7 individually addressable solid-state laser light sources at the distal end of a 1.5 mm fiber (7 watts total).

SPECTRA light engine®

The next generation of solid-state illumination is here. In Lumencor’s SPECTRA light engine, eight individually addressable solid-state light sources deliver unprecedented performance.

SPECTRA X light engine®

Lumencor offers the microscopist the spectral breadth of an arc lamp and the flexibility of a filter wheel in its most powerful and comprehensive light engine design. The SPECTRA X light engine affords the end user the ability to exchange single bandpass filters within the light engine and to therefore tailor the output to specific spectral need.

AURA light engine®

The AURA light engine is an ideal platform for manufacturers seeking to integrate modern solid-state illumination into new bioanalytical instruments.

MIRA light engine®

MIRA light engine is Lumencor’s high performance, bright, solid state illumination subsystem designed for routine, clinical fluorescence applications. MIRA houses multiple, independent light sources and with no fan needed for cooling, it produces no vibrations.

RETRA® light engine

Lumencor’s RETRA light engines are designed for laboratory use by bioanalytical researchers and/or developers of bio-optical instrumentation. The RETRA incorporates two individually controllable solid state light sources with associated bandpass filters, producing spectrally discrete outputs.

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Other Accessories 

Lumencor Controllers

Lumencor’s light engine controllers provide convenient turnkey access to basic light engine control functions from portable consoles with dedicated software.


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