Earth Day Imaging Contest Extended

Every Day is Earth Day at Lumencor!

Here’s your last chance in 2020 to win free mercury-free lighting for a BRIGHTER, GREENER, PLANET

Participate in our Earth Day Light Microscopy Imaging Competition by showing us your best photomicrograph, using a Lumencor light engine as your light source, and you could win up to $10,000 in Lumencor lighting products.

Submission deadline Extended: July 31st, 2020

Back to the Lab

We’re in this COVID-19 fight together.


Whether with

Lumencor can support your laboratory as you return to work. The challenges are numerous for researchers and instrument manufacturers alike- maintain best lab practices, manage constrained budgets, keep staff safe and productive. Let Lumencor help with illumination tools designed for the best data quality and best lab safety!

  • Only Lumencor offers a 15-year performance projection that eliminates toxic mercury and metal halide bulbs with best-in-class solid-state lamps.
  • Only Lumencor offers uniquely stable outputs to maximize S/N, lower detection limits, and enhance sensitivity as your image and screen.

Lumencor’s solid-state lighting is tailored for the instrumentation employed by those engaged in our fight against COVID-19.

We understand the critical role our products play. We remain committed to supplying our customers as safely, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible.

Lumencor Centric

Supporting our global scientific community with lighting and fluorescence screening instrumentation designed for speed, longevity and reproducibility.

In this unprecedented time, Lumencor understands our end-user and OEM customers need high-quality data, fast. We’re working every day to supply:


Are you developing

  • Vaccines
  • Proteins including monoclonal antibodies
  • Drugs
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Genomic analyses and/or
  • Pathogen detection systems?

Lumencor is advancing global efforts in research and development with solid-state lighting specifically tailored for the instrumentation employed by those engaged in our fight against COVID-19. We understand the critical role our products serve in this fight. Lumencor remains committed to supplying our partners and customers as safely, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible. We’re here to help!

Download the PDF of Lumencor Centric

A Message From the President: April 2020

A Message From the President
During COVID-19

In this challenging, unprecedented time, Lumencor sends well wishes to all who are experiencing the effects of COVID-19. We are writing to confirm that Lumencor remains open and operational with safety measures in place to ensure the health and productivity of our deeply committed team of professionals.  

Lumencor is ready and able to serve, advancing research and development with high-performance lighting specifically and precisely tailored to the instrumentation employed by those engaged in our fight against COVID-19. Our solid-state lighting supports the most demanding imaging and analytical testing applications including but not limited to: 

  • diagnostic testing
  • drug discovery
  • genomic analysis
  • sterilization qualification and testing and
  • remote pathogen detection

As an industry leader, we understand the critical role our products serve in the fight against this virus and the many and varied others we seek to better understand and thereby control. Lumencor remains committed to supplying the global demand as safely, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible. 

We sincerely value our relationships with you. We thank you for your patience and unwavering support of our brand during this uncertain time. We remain available through your existing Lumencor contacts so please call upon us as your needs dictate. 


Steven. M. Jaffe, Ph.D.
President and C.E.O.


Lumencor’s best-in-class solid state illuminators for light microscopy and optogenetics are now better than ever. Head to booth #1519 at SfN 2018 in the San Diego Convention Center to learn how broad spectral content, brightness and precise electronic control are available for even the most demanding applications.

Here’s a preview of some of the products Lumencor will have on display at the show.


Seven independent diode-laser light sources:

  • 408, 445, 473, 518, 545, 635, 750 nm
  • ~1 watt per output, 7 watts total
  • Optical power stabilization for exceptional reproducibility and quantitation
  • Onboard microprocessor with server/client architecture and embedded command library
  • Well suited for spinning disk confocal microscopy, photoactivation, optogenetics and super resolution microscopy


  • Eight independent solid-state light sources
  • Spectrally optimized DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, Cy5, mCherry, Cy5 and Cy7 excitation
  • As much as 8X more power per output than predecessor product
  • Optical power stabilization for exceptional reproducibility and quantitation


  • ~ UV-visible-nIR light output 350–760 nm
  • ~ 4.0 W white light through 3 mm liquid light guide
  • On/off and light intensity controls via hand-held control pod or PC
  • Stable, quiet, cool, long-lived lamp replacement
  • No maintenance, no consumables, mercury–free

Lumencor Light Engine Patents Vindicated

Lumencor Light Engine Patents Vindicated

For Immediate Release:

Beaverton, Oregon, (March 28, 2018) – Lumencor, Inc. investigated certain Excelitas products after their launch last year and concluded they infringe a number of Lumencor patents. The infringement pertains to light engines incorporating the high-intensity, luminescent-rod-based light sources that Lumencor calls “light pipes.” On February 2, 2018, Lumencor filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) accusing Excelitas X-Cite Fire products of infringing Lumencor’s U.S. Patents 9,574,722, 8,493,564 and 9,395,055. These products were manufactured for Excelitas by their Canadian subsidiary Lumen Dynamics Group, Inc. On the basis of Lumencor’s complaint, the Commission instituted an investigation into violations of Section 337 of the Tariff Act by Excelitas.

Most recently, Excelitas has agreed to end importation of the accused X-Cite Fire products and also agreed not to import any light engines or light engine components which include a luminescent rod and infringe the Lumencor patents. On the basis of the agreement, both parties filed a motion for entry of a Consent Order and termination of the investigation. The Chief Administrative Law Judge of the ITC made an initial determination granting the motion on March 20. The Consent Order is expected to be issued by the Commission no later than April 19, 2018.

“Lumencor pioneered solid-state illumination for the life sciences with the development of high-intensity light pipe technology for light engines. Our technology and intellectual property are vital to the design, development and manufacture of our innovative light engines with best-in-class product performance,” said Steven M. Jaffe, Ph.D., Co-founder, President and CEO of Lumencor, Inc. “We are pleased that Excelitas decided to respect our intellectual property rights and stop the import and sale of the offending products that are accused of infringing our patents. We remain committed to enforcing our patents to preserve our exclusive rights in our patented light engine technology.”

About Lumencor, Inc.
Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. The company has developed innovative, powerful, pure, stable, durable and cost-effective lighting solutions designed for an array of instruments including fluorescence microscopes. Discrete outputs are available through the UV-Vis-NIR spectrum from a proprietary mix of independently controllable sources. Lumencor products provide more power than an arc lamp with the durability, stability, speed and flexibility of a solid-state solution. Lumencor products are available in OEM and off-the-shelf configurations.

For more information, contact us.

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