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CELESTA Sees a Sea Urchin

This year Lumencor has once again supplied state of the art solid state Light Engines to support the MBL Physiology course in teaching our next generation of scientists. One Light Engine showcased on the Nikon Ti2 microscope with the CrEST X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal system was the CELESTA Light Engine (Figure 1). When coupled to the CrEST X-Light V2 confocal system three-dimensional, multi-colored, videos such as the one shown above can be captured by users. To take a look at a video above generated from multiple z sections made from the imaging of a late blastula stage of the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata.

Nikon Ti2 with CrEST X-Light V2 and CELESTA light Engine

Figure 1: Nikon Ti2 with CrEST X-Light V2 and CELESTA Light Engine