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Lumencor designs and manufactures illumination sub-assemblies and complete imaging workstations



  • CORE

TARGA High-Throughput Imaging System

The TARGA high-throughput imaging system seamlessly combines the key components necessary for best data quality and speed: a high-performance solid state light engine, precision motion control, a sCMOS camera and a dedicated computer. TARGA is a highly integrated platform for efficient, fast data collection and analysis. The TARGA is specifically designed and optimized for assay-specific requirements. The tool can readily be tailored to dedicated assays via key component selection including:

  • Excitation light sources
  • Optics: filters, dichroics, objectives
  • Large format, high speed camera
  • Robotic automation for sample introduction
  • Software control and analysis

VOLTA Millisecond Kinetic Plate Reader

At the cellular level, biology happens fast.  For example, the electrochemical action potentials responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses last approximately one millisecond.  Detection and functional analysis of transient cellular processes requires instrumentation with temporal resolution on the same timescale as the transient activity itself.  To address these requirements, Lumencor’s VOLTA plate reader provides the capacity to simultaneously monitor cellular functions with sub-millisecond temporal resolution across 96 microplate wells.

CORE Illumination and Imaging System

In keeping with our philosophy of providing life science instrument makers optics solutions for bioanalysis products, Lumencor now provides a customizable unit that functions as the entire optical train. This “instrument CORE subsystem” leverages Lumencor’s optical design expertise and our proprietary solid state light engines.

The CORE provides illumination to the samples and images the resulting fluorescence emission. OEMs build the CORE into their instruments, be they microscopes, plate readers, diagnostics tools, etc. To accomplish this, CORE products integrate multi-band solid state sources, spectral filters, objective z-control, field diaphragm, collimating lens, poly-band dichroic, multi-band emission filter, objective and tube lens, camera mount and electronics all on a common, support structure.

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