Filters for SPECTRA X light engines®

Lumencor’s SPECTRA X light engine provides six independently controllable sources that span the visible spectrum from 380-680 nm. Each SPECTRA X light engine comes equipped with a set of seven optical bandpass filters, providing the capacity to refine and tune the source outputs to meet experimental requirements. The filters are installed in removable paddles, allowing users complete flexibility in terms of purchasing and using filters in addition to the initially installed set. One filter is applied to each of the six solid state-light sources (violet, blue, cyan, teal, green+yellow and red). Provision of both a green and a yellow filter enables selection of either 520-570 nm OR 570-600 nm wavelength ranges from the broad spectral distribution generated by Lumencor’s proprietary luminescent light pipe source. Near-IR output is a purchase option requiring substitution of either the teal or red source.

Lumencor’s standard optical bandpass filters for the SPECTRA X light engine are listed below. For OEM customers, Lumencor can provide bandpass filters for SPECTRA X, SPECTRA and AURA light engines in addition to those in this list. For assistance with specifications for non-standard filters, please contact Our Lumencor sales team will be pleased to assist you with price quotations for non-standard filters. Typical power outputs from a 3 mm diameter liquid light guide for each standard filter installed in the appropriate position in a SPECTRA X light engine are listed in the table. Specific values measured in our test facility for each light engine before it is shipped are reported on the Certificate of Conformance issued to the customer. The table also provides links to downloadable text files containing transmission spectra for each filter. These data may imported into plotting programs for assessments of SPECTRA X output compatibility with dichroic beamsplitters and excitation spectra of fluorophores.

CWL/FWHM # Output power (mW) ✦ File †
360/28‡ 280 Download
375/30‡ 500 Download
377/54 245 Download
390/22 225 Download
395/25 315 Download
434/21 385 Download
438/29 475 Download
440/20 370 Download
470/24 200 Download
475/28 225 Download
485/25 135 Download
511/16 50 Download
510/25 65 Download
513/22 60 Download
542/33 570 Download
550/15 320 Download
555/28 500 Download
560/32 620 Download
575/25 405 Download
575/35 515 Download
585/35 485 Download
631/28 245 Download
635/22 220 Download
640/30 230 Download
648/20 150 Download
730/40⦿ 180 Download
740/20⦿ 80 Download

# Filter center wavelength (CWL)/full width at half maximum (FWHM) in nm.

⦿ Requires SPECTRA X with near-IR source option.

✦ Specimen measurement of SPECTRA X light engine output power through 3 mm liquid light guide. These values represent averages of measurements on multiple SPECTRA X light engines. Values for individual SPECTRA X light engines will vary. Specific power output values for individual SPECTRA X light engines are reported on the Certificate of Conformance issued to the customer.

‡ Filter not compatible with SPECTRA or SPECTRA X light engines.  Output power quoted for AURA light engine with 3 mm liquid light guide.

† Filter transmission characteristics in a tab-delimited 2-column (Wavelength (nm); % transmission) text file.

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