Applications Bibliography

Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
Spectral ImagingSPECTRAIn-vivo multispectral imaging for detection of stomach carcinomaIn-vivo multispectral video endoscopy towards in-vivo hyperspectral video endoscopy. J Biophotonics (2017) 10(4):553–564M Hohmann, R Kanawade, H Albrecht et al.274036392017
Spectral ImagingSPECTRA12-color brightfield illumination for high-speed multiplexed biomarker detectionBrightfield multiplex immunohistochemistry with multispectral imaging. Lab Invest (2020) LE Morrison, MR Lefever, DR Bauer et al.323415162020
Spectral ImagingSPECTRA XIntegrated quantitative diffuse reflectance imaging and hyperspectral fluorescence imaging of protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)Quantitative spatial frequency fluorescence imaging in the sub-diffusive domain for image-guided glioma resection. Biomed Opt Express (2015) 6(12):4923–4933M Sibai, I Veilleux, BC Wilson et al.267132062015
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