Applications Bibliography

Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
Materials ScienceSOLA SMImaging water vapor condensation on hydrophobic–hydrophilic hybrid surfacesHigh-throughput stamping of hybrid functional surfaces. Langmuir (2020) 36:5730–5744 MJ Hoque, X Yan, N Miljkovic et al.323705132020
BioengineeringSOLA SMVisible light (409–650 nm) initiation of glycidyl methacrylate-dextran hydrogel photopolymerizationComparison of visible and UVA phototoxicity in neural culture systems micropatterned with digital projection photolithography. J Biomed Mater Res A (2019) 107:134–144P Khoshakhlagh, DA Bowser, MJ Moore et al. 303581012019
Materials ScienceSOLA SMMeasurement of contact angles of liquid droplets with solid surfaces by focal plane shift imaging In situ droplet microgoniometry using optical microscopy. ACS Nano (2019) 13(11):13343–13353H Cha, J Ma, N Miljkovic et al.315965652019
Genomic AnalysisSOLA SMFluorescence imaging of hydrogel microposts in a plastic PCR chipHydrogel micropost-based qPCR for multiplex detection of miRNAs associated with Alzheimer's disease. Biosens Bioelectron (2018) 101:235–244W Choi, SY Yeom, N Choi et al.290963612018
Intravital ImagingSOLA SMLarge-scale Ca2+ imaging in GCaMP6 transgenic mouse brainLong-term optical access to an estimated one million neurons in the live mouse cortex. Cell Rep (2016) 17(12):3385–3394TH Kim, Y Zhang, MJ Schnitzer et al.280093042016
Materials ScienceSOLA SMFocal plane shifted time-lapse imaging of water droplets on superhydrophobic surfacesFocal plane shift imaging for the analysis of dynamic wetting processes. ACS Nano (2016) 10(9):8223–8232H Cha, JM Chun, N Miljkovic et al.274478442016
MicrofluidicsSOLA SMImaging of binary micropatterns of Alexa Fluor 488– and Alexa Fluor 555–labeled antibodies deposited on glass surfacesHierarchical hydrodynamic flow confinement: efficient use and retrieval of chemicals for microscale chemistry on surfaces. Langmuir (2014) 30(12):3640–3645J Autebert, A Kashyap, GV Kaigala et al.246250802014
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