Applications Bibliography

Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
MicrofluidicsRETRAContinuous insulin sensing using measurements of FITC-insulin fluorescence anisotropySynchronized stimulation and continuous insulin sensing in a microfluidic human islet on a chip designed for scalable manufacturing. Lab Chip
(2019) 19:2993–3010
AL Glieberman, BD Pope, KK Parker et al.314643252019
OptogeneticsRETRAOptogenetic activation (475 nm) and deactivation (575 nm) of stablized step-function opsin (SSFO) in mouse claustral neuronsOrganization of the claustrum-to-entorhinal cortical connection in mice. J Neurosci (2017) 37(2):269–280T Kitanishi, N Matsuo280777072017
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