Applications Bibliography

Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
PhotochemistrySPECTRAControl of photocurrent direction in a dye-sensitized photoelectrode via alternating red (650 nm) and blue (455 nm) light irradiation Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019) 116:16198–16203 B Shan, A Nayak, TJ Meyer et al.313666312019
PhotochemistrySPECTRAOptical control of ATP synthesis in photosynthetic artificial organellesPhotosynthetic artificial organelles sustain and control ATP-dependent reactions in a protocellular system. Nat Biotechnol (2018) 36(6):530–535 KY Lee, SJ Park, K Shin et al.298068492018
PhotochemistrySPECTRA75 mW/cm2 illumination of zinc porphyrin MPZnP photosensitizer at 445 nmGrowth and post-deposition treatments of SrTiO3 films for dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell applications. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (2016) 8(19):12282–12290RW Call, L Alibabaei, R Lopez et al.271288132016
PhotochemistrySPECTRAIrradiation of ruthenium polypyridyl sensitizer at 445 nm for photoelectrochemical water splittingVisible photoelectrochemical water splitting into H2 and O2 in a dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015) 112(19):5899–5902L Alibabaei, BD Sherman, TJ Meyer et al.259184262015
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