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Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
OptogeneticsSPECTRA IIIPhotostimulation (575/25 nm) of inhibitory halorhodopsin eNpHR3 in transgenic mouse brain slicesLight-induced silencing of neural
activity in Rosa26 knock-in and
BAc transgenic mice conditionally
expressing the microbial
halorhodopsin eNpHR3. Sci Rep (2020) 10:3191.
I imayoshi, S Tabuchi, A Yamanaka et al.320819382020
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XDetection of optogenetically-induced RFP expression in S. cerevisiae yeast cellsCell-in-the-loop pattern formation with optogenetically emulated cell-to-cell signaling. Nat Commun (2020) 11:1355ML Perkins, D Benzinger, M Khammash et al.321701292020
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XEvaluation of intensity–response characteristics of channelphodsin 2 evoked responses in rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons using 500 microsecond pulsed photostimulation at 2 to 78 mWOptogenetic recruitment of spinal reflex pathways from large-diameter primary afferents in non-transgenic rats transduced with AAV9/Channelrhodopsin 2. J Physiol
(2019) 597(19):5025–5040
S Kubota, W Sidikejiang, K Seki et al.313979002019
OptogeneticsSPECTRAPulsed photostimulation of channelrhodopsin (2 ms, 20 Hz) in mouse hippocampal neuronsPopulation imaging of neural activity in awake behaving mice. Nature (2019) 574(7778):413–417KD Piatkevich, S Bensussen, X Han et al.315979632019
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XPhotostimulation response characterization of engineered high-photocurrent channelrhodopsinsMachine learning-guided channelrhodopsin engineering enables minimally invasive optogenetics. Nat Methods (2019) 16(11):1176–1184CN Bedbrook, KK Yang, FH Arnold et al.316116942019
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XGeneration of repetitive action potentials by 2-ms pulsed photostimulation of channelrhodopsin (470 nm; 4.9 mW/mm2)Multidimensional screening yields channelrhodopsin
variants having improved photocurrent and order-of-
magnitude reductions in calcium and proton currents. J Biol Chem (2019) 294(11):3806–3821
YK Cho, D Park, ES Boyden et al.306101172019
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XOptogenetic suppression of G-protein coupled
receptor (GPCR) signaling (475 nm; 7.37 mW/mm2)Optogenetic inhibition of Gαq protein signaling reduces calcium oscillation stochasticity. ACS Synth Biol (2018) 7(6):1488–1495P Hannanta-Anan, BY Chow 297928102018
OptogeneticsSOLA SEPhotoactivation of proteorhodopsin (510–560 nm)Painting with light-powered bacteria. Nat Commun (2018) 9(1):768J Arlt, VA Martinez, Poon WCK et al.294726142018
OptogeneticsSPECTRA X Imaging mitochondrial Ca2+ responses to optogenetic modulation of mitochondrial membrane potentialOptogenetic control of mitochondrial metabolism and Ca2+ signaling by mitochondria-targeted opsins. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) 114(26):E5167–E5176T Tkatch, E Greotti, I Sekler et al.286112212017
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XPhotoinitiation of halorhodopsin-mediated inhibition of murine cholecystokinin (CCK) neuronsInitiation of Behavioral Response to Antidepressants by cholecystokinin neurons of the dentate gyrus. Neuron (2017) 95(3):564–576L Medrihan, Y Sagi, P Greengard et al.287357492017
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XActivation (475/28 nm; 8 mW/mm2) and deactivation (632/22 nm; 5 mW/mm2) of step-function opsin (SSFO) and the step-function inhibitory opsin SwiChR++Modulation of prefrontal cortex excitation/inhibition balance rescues social behavior in CNTNAP2-deficient mice. Sci Transl Med (2017) 9:401A Selimbeyoglu, CK Kim, K Deisseroth et al.287688032017
OptogeneticsRETRAOptogenetic activation (475 nm) and deactivation (575 nm) of stablized step-function opsin (SSFO) in mouse claustral neuronsOrganization of the claustrum-to-entorhinal cortical connection in mice. J Neurosci (2017) 37(2):269–280T Kitanishi, N Matsuo280777072017
OptogeneticsSPECTRAStimulation (ChR2) and inhibition (Arch-T) of transmembrane potassium flux in developing Xenopus embryosBioelectric signalling via potassium channels: a mechanism for craniofacial dysmorphogenesis in KCNJ2-associated Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. J Physiol (2016) 594(12):3245–3270DS Adams, SG Uzel, M Levin et al.268643742016
OptogeneticsSPECTRA X(1) Activation of photosensitive G protein-coupled receptor melanopsin (470 nm). (2) Excitation of X-rhod-1 Ca2+ indicator (570 nm)Optogenetic control of calcium oscillation waveform defines NFAT as an Integrator of calcium load. Cell Syst (2016) 2(4):283–288P Hannanta-Anan, BY Chow 271355402016
OptogeneticsSOLA SE(1) Stimulation of ChR2 (470 nm) and Chrimson (615 nm) photoproteins. (2) Excitation of GCaMP3 Ca2+ sensor.Feedback from network states generates variability in a probabilistic olfactory circuit. Cell (2015) 161(2):215–227.A Gordus, N Pokala, CI Bargmann et al.257726982015
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XOptical activation of ChR2-expressing neurons (475/28 nm; 10 ms light pulses at 19 mW/mm2)A sexually dimorphic hypothalamic circuit controls maternal care and oxytocin secretion. Nature (2015) 525(7570):519–522N Scott, M Prigge, T Kimchi et al.263750042015
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XIdentification of melanopsin-based responses in photosensitive retinal ganglion cells using alternating blue (438 nm) and yellow (575 nm) stimuliMelanopsin-derived visual responses under light adapted conditions in the mouse dLGN. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(3):e0123424KE Davis, CG Eleftheriou, RJ Lucas et al.258223712015
OptogeneticsSOLA SEPhotoactivation of CRY2-CIB1 heterodimerizationOptogenetic control of molecular motors and organelle distributions in cells. Chem Biol (2015) 22(5):671–682L Duan, D Che, B Cui et al.259632412015
OptogeneticsSOLA SETransient (~100 ms) stimulation of ChR2 (460 –490 nm) in zebrafish hair cellsOptical stimulation of zebrafish hair cells expressing channelrhodopsin-2. PLoS ONE (2014) 9(5): e96641BD Monesson-Olson, J Browning-Kamins, JG Trapani et al.247919342014
OptogeneticsSPECTRAStimulation (ChR2, 475 nm) and inhibition (Arch-T, 549 nm) of melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) producing neuronsOptogenetic manipulation of activity and temporally controlled cell-specific ablation reveal a role for MCH neurons in sleep/wake regulation. J Neurosci (2014) 34(20):6896–6909T Tsunematsu, T Ueno, A Yamanaka et al.248286442014
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XActivation (475 nm) and deactivation (632 nm) of bi-stable light-activated chloride channel SwiChRStructure-guided transformation of channelrhodopsin into a light-activated chloride channel. Science (2014) 344(6182):420–424A Berndt, SY Lee, K Deisseroth et al.247635912014
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XStimulation of light-activated chloride channel ChloC (476 nm)Conversion of channelrhodopsin into a light-gated chloride channel. Science (2014) 344(6182):409–412J Wietek, JS Wiegert, P Hegemann et al.246748672014
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XActivation of ChR2 and NpHR with cyan (475 nm) and yellow (586 nm) light respectively in mouse dorsal root ganglion neuronsVirally mediated optogenetic excitation and inhibition of pain in freely moving nontransgenic mice. Nature Biotech (2014) 32(3):274–278SM Iyer, KL Montgomery, SL Delp et al.245317972014
OptogeneticsSPECTRATransient (1–200 ms) stimulation of ChR2 (475 nm) in rat cortical neuronsRole of electrical activity in horizontal axon growth in the developing cortex: a time-lapse study using optogenetic stimulation. PLoS ONE (2013) 8(12):e82954O Malyshevskaya, Y Shiraishi, N Yamamoto et al.243766162013
OptogeneticsSPECTRAOptogenetic inhibition of Arch-T expressing neurons (542 nm)Long-lasting silencing of orexin/hypocretin neurons using archaerhodopsin induces slow-wave sleep in mice. Behav Brain Res (2013) 255:64–74T Tsunematsu, S Tabuchi, A Yamanaka et al.237072482013
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