Applications Bibliography

Applications of Lumencor Light Engines

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
MicrofluidicsSPECTRA XHigh speed (100 fps) imaging of pyridine (pH indicator) and calcein AM (viability indicator) in MDA-MB 231 human mammary gland/breast cancer cellsMicrofluidic platform for the isolation of cancer-cell subpopulations based on single-cell glycolysis. Anal Chem (2020) 92:6949–6957C Zielke, CW Pan, P Abbyad et al.322977302020
Immunofluorescence MicroscopySPECTRA XQuantitative immunofluorescence profiling of three-dimensional organoids formed by human mesenchymal stromal cells Mapping the structure and biological functions within mesenchymal bodies using microfluidics. Sci Adv (2020) 6:eaaw7853S Sart, RFX Tomasi, CN Baroud et al.321813332020
MicrofluidicsRETRAContinuous insulin sensing using measurements of FITC-insulin fluorescence anisotropySynchronized stimulation and continuous insulin sensing in a microfluidic human islet on a chip designed for scalable manufacturing. Lab Chip
(2019) 19:2993–3010
AL Glieberman, BD Pope, KK Parker et al.314643252019
MicrofluidicsSPECTRA XReal-time visualization of single DNA moleculesA nanofluidic device for real-time visualization of DNA-protein interactions on the single DNA molecule level. Nanoscale (2019) 11(4):2071–2078R Öz, S Kk, F Westerlund306449452019
MicrofluidicsSPECTRA XQuantitation of deGFP product of cell-free transcription/translation reactions in femtoliter droplets On-demand production of femtoliter drops in microchannels and their use as biological reaction compartments. Anal Chem (2019) 91:3484–3491M Shojaeian, FX Lehr, S Hardt et al.307158592019
MicrofluidicsSOLA SETime-lapse imaging of microfluidic fractionation of bacteria based on chain lengthSeparation of pathogenic bacteria by chain length. Anal Chim Acta (2018) 1000:223–231JP Beech, BD Ho, JO Tegenfeldt er al.292893142018
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEPhotobleaching of Texas Red–DHPE and Alexa Fluor 488 streptavidin for FRAP analysis of molecular diffusionDual-functional lipid coating for the nanopillar-based capture of circulating tumor cells with high purity and efficiency. Langmuir (2017) 33(4):1097–1104HY Lou, W Zhao, B Cui et al.280595222017
Genomic AnalysisSPECTRA XReal-time detection of multiple displacement DNA amplification (MDA) reactions in hydrogelsVirtual microfluidics for digital quantification and single-cell sequencing. Nat Methods (2016) 13(9):759–762L Xu, IL Brito, PC Blainey et al.274793302016
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEMicrofluidics-assisted cell screening (MACS) of E. coliMechanical slowing-down of cytoplasmic diffusion allows in vivo counting of proteins in individual cells. Nat Commun (2016) 7:11641B Okumus, D Landgraf, J Paulsson et al.271893212016
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEImaging of captured cells in proof-of-concept device for microfluidic diagnostics of large, dilute samplesUltra-high-throughput sample preparation system for lymphocyte immunophenotyping point-of-care diagnostics. J Lab Autom (2016) 21:706–712DI Walsh III, SK Murthy, A Russom 269205762016
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEPhotoactivation of MNI-caged glutamateOne-photon and two-photon stimulation of neurons in a microfluidic culture system. Lab Chip (2016) 16(9):1684–1690JM Jang, J Lee W Jung et al.270531632016
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEImaging micropattered goat anti-IgG deposition on IgG-coated polystyrene surfacesConvection-enhanced biopatterning with recirculation of hydrodynamically confined nanoliter volumes of reagents. Anal Chem (2016) 88(6):3235–3242J Autebert, JF Cors, G V Kaigala et al.268375322016
MicrofluidicsSPECTRA XEvaluating the color of thermochromic liquid crystal (TLC) fluid flow tracersSimultaneous three-dimensional temperature and velocity field measurements using astigmatic imaging of non-encapsulated thermo-liquid crystal (TLC) particles. Lab Chip (2015) 15:660–663R Segura, M Rossi, CJ Kähler et al.254311012015
MicrofluidicsSPECTRA X470 nm excitation of GFP for time-lapse imaging of cells in microfluidic networksReconfigurable microfluidic hanging drop network for multi-tissue interaction and analysis. Nat Commun (2014) 5:4250O Frey, PM Misun, A Hierlemann et al.249774952014
MicrofluidicsSOLA SMImaging of binary micropatterns of Alexa Fluor 488– and Alexa Fluor 555–labeled antibodies deposited on glass surfacesHierarchical hydrodynamic flow confinement: efficient use and retrieval of chemicals for microscale chemistry on surfaces. Langmuir (2014) 30(12):3640–3645J Autebert, A Kashyap, GV Kaigala et al.246250802014
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