PEKA light engine®

White light for transmitted illumination on any microscope

PEKA light engine

Solid-state replacement for tungsten-halogen white light transillumination sources

The PEKA light engine is Lumencor’s white light illuminator designed for use as a transmitted light source.  White light is generated by merging the outputs of three solid state light sources. These include Lumencor’s proprietary, luminescent light pipe source. The white light output has a correlated color temperature of ~6000K that does not change when the output is  electronically attenuated.  No superfluous UV or nIR light is generated.  And unlike phosphor-based “white LEDs”, the PEKA does not generate background in the facing epifluorescence detection lightpath.

Unlike conventional tungsten-halogen lamps, the PEKA produces stable light output as soon as it is switched on — there is no warm-up time. And the downtime and expense of bulb replacements is eliminated.  Power consumption is reduced too. PEKA consumes about 15 watts at full output compared to 30W for a typical tungsten-halogen illuminator. PEKA couples directly to all major brand microscopes and is passively cooled for vibration-free operation.  PEKA may be manually operated or electronically gated for millisecond timing control.

PEKA Light Engine Features



White light based on RGB, 450-650 nm, no UV or nIR output



~80 mW power



On/off rate > 100Hz



Not required for transmitted light


Light Delivery

Direct mount to transmitted lamp port of microscope


Easy to Install

Pre-aligned, simple to operate, no maintenance, no moving parts, no fan



24 months warranty to end user


Control Interface

Manual knobs for light output on/off and neutral density selection. BNC input port for TTL-activated electronic shutter.


Power Requirements

40 W, 9 V, 4.45 A DC power supply included with light engine





90 mm x 150 mm x 120 mm



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