Ian Kimbrough/MIRA light engine

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


In Professor Ian Kimbrough’s Intro to Neuroscience Lab I at Virginia Tech’s School of Neuroscience, students study the organization and function of the nervous system while practicing concepts and techniques such as neuroanatomy, microscopy, intracellular simulation, extracellular recording, electrophysiology, neurotransmitters, and neuroplasticity. This provides students with hands-on real-world neuroscience research experience. The fundamental and essential tool to underpinning these techniques is fluorescence microscopy. Professor Kimbrough’s teaching laboratory houses a fleet of 18 Nikon Eclipse E200 fluorescence microscopes each equipped with a Lumencor MIRA light engine. The MIRA light engine is used for visualization of tissue slices via fluorescence microscopy and is particularly well-suited to an undergraduate teaching lab like Professor Kimbrough’s. The easy to use MIRA light engine produces no vibrations as it houses multiple independent light sources and doesn’t require a fan for cooling, further cementing it as an excellent addition to the lab. See the MIRA light engine in action in the images below! A video presentation including more images can be viewed here.

Ian Kimbrough, Professor of Neuroscience vatech.edu

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