LIDA light engine®

Solid state illumination for color light microscopy

Enabling high-speed color transmitted light microscopy with monochrome cameras.

LIDA light engine is designed to work hand-in-hand with the latest monochrome cameras to generate RGB color transmitted light images with unprecedented sensitivity, spatial resolution, speed and color fidelity. LIDA integrates three solid state sources, including Lumencor’s patented green luminescent light pipe, with the sophisticated control electronics required for high speed synchronization of light output with camera exposure. Transmitted light images are captured in one electronically controlled high-speed sequence.

Variances associated with moving parts are eliminated, resulting in perfect alignment of pixel-registered images across the wide fields of view afforded by modern sCMOS cameras. Independent control of the intensity of the three component light sources allows balanced color rendition without resorting to extensive post-processing of images.

LIDA Light Engine Features



3 solid-state sources: Red (610–650 nm), Green (510–600 nm), Blue (420–480 nm)




>500 mW total power




Maximum 1 kHz R>G>B channel switching or all channels (white) on/off



Light Delivery

Direct mount to transmitted light illumination port of microscope. Vibration-free.



Easy to Install

No replacement parts, fully pre-aligned, no routine maintenance




36 months warranty to end user



Control Interface

USB: Control of source on/off and output intensity. TTL: Single-line sequential R>G>B switching or 3-line independent gating of R, G and B sources. Side-panel knobs for white light output on/off and intensity level adjustment




Power Requirements

40 W, 9 V, 4.45 A DC power supply included with light engine





90 mm x 150 mm x 110 mm



Low power consumption, mercury-free


Operational Modes

R>G>B sequential (camera triggered); white light for ocular viewing

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