CELESTA and SPECTRA Standby Mode

CELESTA® and SPECTRA light engines® with operating software version 2.1.19 and above have a standby mode to conserve power during periods when no active light output generation is required. The light engine automatically switches into standby mode after a set latency...

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Light BYTES: November 2019

ZIVA® versus CELESTA®: It’s all about the fiber In 2018, Lumencor introduced the CELESTA light engine incorporating 7 individually addressable laser light sources. The ZIVA light engine, introduced at the 2019 Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, while similar...

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Light BYTES: September 2019

SOLA® for the win! This year Lumencor launched the Light Microscopy Imaging Competition in celebration of Earth Day to highlight Lumencor’s commitment to manufacturing bright, clean, and mercury-free light engines. We were impressed with the quality and breadth of...

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Light BYTES: June 2019 – Read about SPECTRA X light engine applications for optogenetics, immunohistochemical analysis of tumor cell invasion, imaging actin dynamics in mouse hippocampal neurons and correlative light and electron microscopy.

What can Lumencor light engines do for you? One answer to this question can be found by taking a look at recent publications by researchers who are already using Lumencor light engines. With the ever-increasing pace and scale of life science research, you don’t want...

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