Light BYTES: August 2019 – Learn how Lumencor has supported courses at the Marine Biology Laboratory this year.

This year Lumencor has once again supplied state-of-the-art solid state light engines to support the MBL Physiology course in teaching our next generation of scientists. One light engine showcased on the Nikon Ti2 microscope with the CrEST X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal system was the CELESTA light engine (Figure 1). The CELESTA light engine delivers approximately 1 watt of output power from each of its 7 individually addressable solid-state laser light sources (7 watts total). When coupled to the CrEST X-Light V2 confocal system three-dimensional, multi-colored, image sets such as the one shown below (Figure 2) can be captured by users. To take a look at a video generated from multiple z sections made from the imaging of a late blastula stage of the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata click here.

Figure 1: Nikon Ti2 with CrEST X-Light V2 and CELESTA light Engine

Figure 2: Various Z-sections of a late blastula stage of the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata stained for microtubules (red), actin filaments (green), and DNA (blue).

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