Light BYTES: August 2018 – Take a Look on How to get Lumencor Light Engine Set-up and Ready to Use Along with some Troubleshooting Tips

Light Engines, Camera, Action!

It has been suggested that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million. While the exact valuation may be open to question, there is no doubt that video is an excellent medium for demonstrating the operation and performance of our solid-state light engines. Putting that idea into practice, we’ve recently created several instructional videos within Lumencor’s media resources.

See below some of the latest instructional videos.

1. Start up Procedure for SPECTRA III®, AURA III® and CELESTA light engines®
Our newest SPECTRA III, AURA III and CELESTA light engines are our brightest products to date, boasting as much as 500 to 1000 mW per color band. Each incorporates on-board microprocessors, providing impressive advances in control and monitoring capabilities. To help customers get them up and running quickly, we have produced a short video demonstrating the initial set-up procedures common to all three of these light engine models. Watch Today!

2. Installation and Troubleshooting of the SOLA SM light engines®
This video demonstrates installation of the SOLA SM light engines on a Nikon Ti inverted microscope and outlines some basic trouble shooting procedures. Watch this video!

3. SOLA SE light engines® Operation with Control Pod and Nikon Elements
This video demonstrates how to control SOLA SE and SOLA SE nIR light engines using the control pod accessory, and Nikon Elements software running on a Windows workstation. Watch this video demonstration!

4. Measuring Light Engine Power Output
The procedures demonstrated in this video allow you to measure the power output of your light engine for comparison with the benchmark values on Lumencor’s certificate of conformance, and to check the performance of your liquid light guide. Watch this video today!

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