Lumencor Light Engine Patents Vindicated

Lumencor Light Engine Patents Vindicated

For Immediate Release:

Beaverton, Oregon, (March 28, 2018) – Lumencor, Inc. investigated certain Excelitas products after their launch last year and concluded they infringe a number of Lumencor patents. The infringement pertains to light engines incorporating the high-intensity, luminescent-rod-based light sources that Lumencor calls “light pipes.” On February 2, 2018, Lumencor filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) accusing Excelitas X-Cite Fire products of infringing Lumencor’s U.S. Patents 9,574,722, 8,493,564 and 9,395,055. These products were manufactured for Excelitas by their Canadian subsidiary Lumen Dynamics Group, Inc. On the basis of Lumencor’s complaint, the Commission instituted an investigation into violations of Section 337 of the Tariff Act by Excelitas.

Most recently, Excelitas has agreed to end importation of the accused X-Cite Fire products and also agreed not to import any light engines or light engine components which include a luminescent rod and infringe the Lumencor patents. On the basis of the agreement, both parties filed a motion for entry of a Consent Order and termination of the investigation. The Chief Administrative Law Judge of the ITC made an initial determination granting the motion on March 20. The Consent Order is expected to be issued by the Commission no later than April 19, 2018.

“Lumencor pioneered solid-state illumination for the life sciences with the development of high-intensity light pipe technology for light engines. Our technology and intellectual property are vital to the design, development and manufacture of our innovative light engines with best-in-class product performance,” said Steven M. Jaffe, Ph.D., Co-founder, President and CEO of Lumencor, Inc. “We are pleased that Excelitas decided to respect our intellectual property rights and stop the import and sale of the offending products that are accused of infringing our patents. We remain committed to enforcing our patents to preserve our exclusive rights in our patented light engine technology.”

About Lumencor, Inc.
Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. The company has developed innovative, powerful, pure, stable, durable and cost-effective lighting solutions designed for an array of instruments including fluorescence microscopes. Discrete outputs are available through the UV-Vis-NIR spectrum from a proprietary mix of independently controllable sources. Lumencor products provide more power than an arc lamp with the durability, stability, speed and flexibility of a solid-state solution. Lumencor products are available in OEM and off-the-shelf configurations.

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