Light BYTES: September 2017

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Lumencor light engines® are so responsive and reliable that you may hardly notice them when you’re focused on the intricacies of image acquisition. But, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, as shown in two new videos posted on our website.

Stories of Impact

How can something be central to the enterprise of biotechnology, but overlooked at the same time? Co-founder and executive vice president Claudia Jaffe explains how this conundrum led to the foundation and growth of Lumencor and how Beaverton, Oregon came to be the company’s home.

Stories of Impact


Lumencor Product Portfolio

This presentation by Iain Johnson (Director of Technical Support) begins with a summary of the economic and performance characteristics that differentiate modern solid state light engines from conventional arc discharge lamp light sources. The presentation then moves on to describe how Lumencor’s SOLA®, SPECTRA X®, MIRA®, PEKA® and LIDA light engines® are differentiated from each other in terms of performance and applications. Accessories such as image acquisition software and liquid light guides required for integration of light engines and microscopes are also discussed.

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