New SOLA SE FISH Light Engines®

New SOLA SE FISH light engines

Lumencor’s SOLA SE FISH light engine® provides output that is spectrally optimized relative to the excitation characteristics of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes, delivering sufficient intensity to generate readily detectable fluorescence from weak hybridization signals. The SOLA SE FISH light engine seamlessly combines the outputs of five solid-state light sources in two configurations, with ultraviolet (SOLA SE 365 FISH®) and violet (SOLA SE FISH®) source options.

The main differences from the standard SOLA SE and SOLA SE 365 light engines are the red shifted spectral outputs of the cyan and yellow component sources, resulting in better matching to the excitation spectra of SpectrumGreen™ and SpectrumRed™ labeled nucleic acid hybridization probes.

This sort of application specific lighting highlights Lumencor’s industry-leading capability in mating optimal excitation with a readily configurable set of sources. Lumencor promotes such “assay specific lighting” for FISH today.

We welcome your new requests for other assay-specific lighting applications as you find them! Make an appointment to talk with one of our talented representatives. Contact us at

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