Light BYTES: May 2016

Better Red Than Dead…

In addition to savings of $500–$1000 per year in operating and maintenance costs, another major benefit of Lumencor’s SOLA light engines® over metal halide lamps is their superior output in the red region (>620 nm) of the visible spectrum. Images of selaginella autofluorescence, excited from 617–645 nm and detected under identical conditions, illustrate the improved image data quality delivered by the SOLA light engine.

Excitation at >620 nm provides advantages in terms of greater sample transparency, less generation of phototoxic reactive oxygen species and lower background signals compared to excitation at shorter wavelengths. Many red-excited fluorophores including Cy5, Alexa Fluor 647, ATTO 647N TO-PRO-3 and DRAQ5 have been developed to allow exploitation of these advantages.

Give your microscope a SOLA light engine upgrade today and look forward to brighter days ahead!


Technical Details

  • Single band exciter 631/28 (CWL/FWHM). Semrock FF660-Di02 dichroic and FF01-692/40 emitter.
  • Nikon Ti microscope, 10X, 0.5 NA objective, Andor Zyla 5.5 camera, 50 ms exposures.
  • Power output at sample plane (10X, 0.5 NA objective) SOLA SE (100%) = 94 mW. 120 W metal halide (100 %) = 27 mW.
  • Sample: Autofluorescent longitudinal section of a strobilus from selaginella (heterosporous clubmoss).

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Fighting Child Hunger with the Portland Backpack Lunch Program


There are many Portland area children who rely on school lunches during the week as a primary food source. On the weekend, these underserved children often go without food. This program provides healthy lunches for the weekend to supplement the meals that these children may be missing.

Founded in 2008, the Portland Backpack Lunch Program has helped hundreds of children in Portland every school year. Last year alone, the program distributed over 8,000 weekend food sacks to 237 schoolchildren in need.

Lumencor is proud to give back to the community through the Portland Backpack Lunch Program. On April 29, our team met up to work together to pack weekend lunches and write encouraging notes to the kids. Program director, Marylin Mauch, gave us a brief, informative talk on the needs facing underserved and underprivileged children in the Portland Metro area.

The Portland Backpack Lunch program primarily services NE Portland and the Woodlawn, Scott and King elementary schools. If you’re interested in making a donation or volunteering your time to this great cause, visit the Portland Backpack Lunch Program Facebook page or call 503.284.4647.

New Electronic Control Feature Specifications

One of the main benefits of Lumencor’s solid state illumination technology is its capacity for precise electronic control of light output intensity, color and timing. Take a look at our Performance page to view the NEW one-page summary of electronic control features for our entire light engine portfolio, as well as other Performance specifications, such as Lifetime and Power Stability, Quantitation and more.


Have specific lighting needs or questions? Make an appointment to talk with one of our talented representatives. Email us at

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Photonics West 2016

2297 LUM.Blog_PhotonicsWest

It was a pleasure to visit with friends, old and new, at our Monday evening reception during Photonics West 2016. Thank you to everyone that visited our exhibit booth — we hope you found the product display illuminating – what else!

For those not able to attend Photonics West, our Director of Technical Support Iain Johnson, recorded a video presentation demonstrating some of the features of our SPECTRA X light engine® and SOLA SE light engine®. Check out the video on our website and on our YouTube channel.

Download a PDF of Light Reading April 2016

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