PEKA light engine®

White light for transmitted illumination on any microscope

PEKA light engine

Power and performance in a simple,
white light producing light engine

The PEKA light engine is Lumencor’s white light illuminator designed for use as a transmitted light source. PEKA couples directly to any major brand microscope and has no fan so produces no vibrations. Spectrally pure white light is generated with no harmful UV or NIR. PEKA may be manually operated or electronically triggered for millisecond timing control.

PEKA light engine integrates multiple solid state light sources. These include Lumencor’s proprietary, luminescent light pipe source. The red/yellow/green/blue (RYGB) output is unique in its ability to maintain constant color temperature throughout all gain settings.

Lumencor’s white light PEKA can be driven at the same color temperature, regardless of the neutral density selection. This represents the only while light product on the market that can provide a consistent color temperature, regardless of output power. PEKA is a robust illuminator and a powerful alternative to the more traditional tungsten-halogen lamp.

PEKA Light Engine Features



White light based on RGB, 450-650, nm no UV or NIR light



~300 mW power



On/off rate > 100Hz



Not required for transmitted light


Light Delivery

Direct mount to transmitted lamp port of microscope


Easy to Install

Pre-aligned, simple to operate, no maintenance, no moving parts, no fan



> 20,000 hours with more than 70% initial intensity



12 month warranty to end user


Control Interface

Manual knobs for light output on/off and neutral density selection. BNC input port for TTL-activated electronic shutter.


Power Requirements

40 W, 24 VDC, 1.7 A





9 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm



Mercury-free, efficient products


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