ASTRA light engine™

A powerful arc lamp replacement white & NIR light, more stability, longer lifetime

Solid state light engines generate powerful,
multi-color, stable, durable light.

Lumencor’s light engines are uniquely well suited for minimally invasive imaging. Powerful white light with any color temperature (red/green/cyan/blue, RGCB) can be generated alongside narrowband excitation for targeting fluorescence. Light engines provide spectral, temporal and spatial control of light for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Products are powerful enough to yield high contrast, real-time imaging as well as to maximize fluorescence signals. Stable, robust lighting enables long term monitoring and quantitation.

Solid state light engines generate powerful, multi-color, stable, durable light. The output is tuned to match any color temperature of interest. This is particularly important for minimally invasive surgery where RGCB components can be balanced for maximum signal/noise and contrast. Simultaneously, fluorophore excitation may be superimposed on the general field producing superior image quality as well as optical selectivity.

  • Powerful white light for high-definition (HD) visible illumination and imaging
  • Controllable color spectrum for high contrast imaging matched to color cameras
  • Narrowband light for indocyanin green (ICG) excitation, endogenous fluorescence, other imaging agents
  • Simultaneous illumination of white light and fluorescence images
  • Spectral & power stability
  • Illumination uniformity
  • Microsecond switching with no filters or shutters
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Interface for computer control
  • Compact size for off-the-shelf and custom OEM configurations

ASTRA Light Engine Features


Modulation Rate

≤ 1 kHz



Shutter Speed

≤ 100 µs



Spectral Stability

< 0.5%



Power Stability

< 1% drift, usage dependent



Warmup Time

1-10 min



Operating Conditions

0-50 C, 0-80% humidity


Power Requirements

650W, 24VDC, 27A




7.4 kg


21 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm


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